Our promise

A boutique consulting firm helping primarily small and mid-sized companies for its sourcing and supply chain Operations in Asia

We bring together an experienced team to help our clients to succeed in the operational task which is to find, qualify, negotiate, source, purchase and finally get a delivery done. We shorten the lead-time and optimize cost to the benefits of our clients.

We aim to make the experience working with us as easy as ordering a coffee and while you enjoy that lovely sip we do the heavy lifting of sourcing and purchasing process for you.


50+ clients for various sectors, e.g. Industrial/Machinery, Semiconductors, Consumer Electronics, FMCG, IoT, etc.

Who we are

Established in 2011 by a group of Operations experts from Fortune 500 company

We have built our experience working in both worlds, in China as well as overseas, and by that we have learnt how complicated the purchasing and sourcing process can be for small and medium size companies.

Presence in Malmö, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Shanghai, ChaseXL has extended its Asian networks across multiple countries/regions in Asia, e.g. Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.


Sourcing center, ChaseXL has long experience with suppliers in Asia, especially from mainland China. As business partner, ChaseXL negotiates and absorb risk controls on your behalf. A turnkey provider in the purchase process and make sure goods are ready for delivery according to your requirement from certified vendors in Asia.

Consulting services, we analyze your purchasing activities and create a tailored made improvement plan to help you. 

Operational experts, use our purchasing experts who work alongs side you according to your needs and help you to increased control and efficiency leading to measurable savings.

Operational Center, focus your resources on the categories where you have highest skills and use ours where you need increased competence. We have long experience in many purchasing categories in Asia.